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Been busy stitchin' the last couple of evenings, and here's the result. Hearts #18 (blue) and #19.
I think if you look closely that you will find paths....let me know if you do!


Dana said...

Ohhhh, I love the blue one!!!!!!!! I see paths, definantly paths.

Ribbonwiz said...

I see paths!
beautifully done..

Calidore said...

How come I can see paths on your hearts, but can't see them in my block - grumble,
Love the colours you have chosen. Very stylish.

Darn it all girl - you're good!!!

Jo in NZ said...

I think it is very easy to create a path in a heart - there is only 4 seams!! I just did the same thing I always do.I'm pleased you can see paths... I still don't know what they are .

chaya said...

Hi. Thanks for your encouraging words about my joggles block. I wonder if this path business is like the Emperor's New Clothes... Nary a path on the horizon.