*warning* jealous rant

...and recantation of final comment on last post

Right, well I sat down to do a heart, and guess what? Huh, go on. Guess!
No paths, no triangles, no recessive or, otherwise, seams. Nothing, nada, nil......
I hope all you joggles people end up on a plane somewhere together, and all your luggage is on another plane, and you've got no needles or threads, or even any fabric to hold or look at, or scissors to cut, or even pens and paper to plan....ner ner
You all SUC and my heart doesn't have any paths....and I don't even know what one is!

mumble mumble mumble.....


Maureen said...

You're not the only one with green eyes Jo!

Chloe said...

*grin* (well, maybe I shouldn't)

Ummm - I wouldn't have a hope in hell of finding a path in one of my Hearts - I actually subscribe to the "maze" theory. Confuse 'em with a heap of paths going nowhere.

I think the best example of that I have done is a certain suffragette Heart.

Seriously - I am loving seeing how Sharon works, but am quite sure at the end I will still be happy with my "create a maze and confuse the eye" approach. Quite the opposite to what Sharon is trying to gently belt into my brain. *grin*

Shirley Goodwin said...

Hi Jo,

Nice to see another crafty Kiwi on a blog!

Shirley in Oamaru (but originally from Auckland)

Calidore said...

Paths - what the hell are paths. I've given up trying to find them. They are hiding in the undergrowth which can't even claim to be seam treatments, cause there aren't any.

Don't stress dear Jo, I'm quite sure that in the overall scheme of things "paths" don't really matter.

who is wondering on which plane she might be on and where she is going...lol.

Dana said...

Paths, you don't need to stinkin' paths. You kinda have to use the "voice" to get the humor from that but oh well.

abeautifulcraft said...

LMAO JO ..... you crack me up! Well I am 'doing' the class and I can't find no b****y paths in any of my '8' blocks I've made to FIND a path. Actually I gave up ....... yes, I've decided I am happy with the way I do things .... and it's all about individualality (is that spelt right?) Really though, the class is wonderful, and I've learnt heaps so far.... but this path stuff eludes me and probably will continue to do so. You do lovely work hun, so stop stressing. I own a heart of yours with a path ... lol the doily piece!!! It's great!

Jacqui said...

Forget the paths - go for the triangles *shock* I have now relaxed and I am doing my 'thing' in my usual random fashion *rolls eyes* - "it'll all come out in t' wash" as they say around here - actually thinking about it it had better not come out in the wash or ther'll be trouble, probably "at t' mill".

Sorry rambling again - it's the paths, the paths ... ;)