much ado about...well nothing

No crafty stuff to blog, feeling a bit blah really. Had a nice weekend away, after getting up early then sitting at the airport ( which is 10min from home) for 5 f#$%^&g hours!!! Go Air NewZealand, you have the monopoly on domestic travel, so you just do what you like.
It was a good weekend, as you ladies that are lucky enough to get to retreats know, it is great to spend a weekend with like minded people. This particular group are the national representatives of the Playcentre Education programme, and they are a great deal of fun, especially after a few bevvies.

I have a workshop to facilitate tomorrow night on the NZ Early Childhood Curriculum. I love facilitating workshops, but this year the motivation is lacking, and I think it has something to do with YOU! I would rather be home stitching, but this my only source of (meager) income, and I know I will enjoy it when I get there...Ohhh, it's just all the prep. blah...

I am listening to the CD that my lovely got me for my birthday - She Will Have Her Way- female artist singing the songs of Tim and Neil Finn, aka Crowded House, and Split Enz, both NEW ZEALAND groups ( you Aussie poachers) Great album. I really enjoy female singers, especially the folksie, kinda alternative ones.

Well thats all. Only crafty stuff I did was knit blanket squares all weekend. There was one lady who was smocking, and it was gorgeous. I am really pleased that as I have gotten older, I have gained a * real* appreciation for the work put into all crafts and arts. I have always known that our 'crafty' passtimes are undervalued, but we really are undervalued.
She spent hours hand stitching something she will sell for $40 bucks. Such a shame.
Anyway, will be stitching tonight, to avoid aformentioned workshop prep, so should have some piccies in next couple of days. Don't think I'm shortchanging my trainees, my co and I do this workshop 4-5 times a year so we are old hands. I needed you to know that, because I take the education of Playcentre parents very seriously. Many are young mums who thought they would never achieve anything, and I feel proud to play a part in improving their confidence and self esteem, and empowering them as parents and effective adults.

off to it........

ps loving the posts of all you ladies doing SharonB's class.

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Maureen said...

Don't tell me you were imbibing an Auckland red as you listed to
the brothers Finn!! lol.
Does it date me if I say I love Split Enz and Crowded house??
Yeah I KNOW they are/were kiwis,but who's holding that agin them??