Mail Call...not hearts

A while ago I linked to ChiefTenBears blog. Joyce was offering a tote to people who did this ( I think there is still some left) After many months - we had almost given up hope- my tote arrived, and not just one, but 2! Check out her labels and badge. What a great way to advertise your blog.
One of these will become my knitting bag. I know what your thinking.. Knitting, when will I have time to CQ! But, I attend alot of meetings and conferences to do with Playcentre, and I can't CQ there, and my girlfriend is knitting squares for her church to make blankets to send to cold children somewhere, so I have said "I'll knit, I know I can cast on!".
I did knit once, when I was quite young, and I don't think they even want knit one, purl one, just knit. So I knit I will.
I also took the plunge and asked Sharon B of In a minute ago to give my blog a plug, which she did. Thanks Sharon!
( Can't wait to check my stats.)


Ribbonwiz said...

Just had to let you know I called by as i do everyday,
Love reading your blog, it's always friendly, happy and bright.
Hugs Julia

Chief-Ten-Bears said...

Happy day, your parcel arrived! Glad you liked it.

Chief-Ten-Bears said...

Oh yeah, I do have two totes left. Email me at and I'll tell you how to get one.