Blog Flog

Thought I would post some links to a few blogs.
Sandie of A beautiful craft makes the most wonderful CQ hearts...but has never made a block! I know. Go check her out and follow her journey to an (possibly) entire quilt. She is also trying out a technique for transfering piccies to fabric, without having to purchase the Bubblejet Set stuff.
Iris Cabin is a new blog on the block. Iris has just joined the CoH group and is turning out some lovely hearts.
Margeret @ Digital Gran has also just pieced her first CQ block, and will embellish soon. Margaret is a great artist and fantastic photographer. Worth a visit just for the photos.
(lots of possible new members for CQ Crazy, Maureen!!)
Dana makes awesome bags from even more awesome fabric and has promised to one day add a CQ heart to one of her bags. Come on know you want too!!
Chloes Place, Camilles Place, Kenmaurs Corner, Calidores Gardener, all regular reads.

ps I currently have 73 blogs on my bloglines list, so I just can't list you all, but you post and I read...


Dana said...

Oh no your not calling me out, LOL. I will have a bag with a cq heart in a day or two, I can never walk away from a challange, thanks for the push.

MargaretR said...

Thanks for including me in your blog flog!
I will take up your challenge to Dana as well. I will have a bag with a heart on before long. Probably not a soon as 2 days though.

Iris said...

Hi Jo, thank you for the mention! :)