Here is heart #12. I particularly like red and purple together, very royal ( I know there's a big ol' Queen inside me trying to get out). The second sane quilt I made was a red ( maroon) and purple sampler. Everyone -mother and grandmother- thought I was mad, but it turned out really well, for a teenager.

Do you love my dragonfly? Did you know it was a dragonfly. Well you do now.... And I added a piece of lace to this one and embellished that. All in all, I'm happy.


Sophie said...

Of course we knew it was a dragonfly!! Very regal (the colours, not the dragonfly)!!

MargaretR said...

Ditto, of course you can tell straight away it's a dragonfly Jo!
I love your red and purple ttogether too.

Dawn said...

I found your blog via SharonB....Your hearts are so lovely..I will return for more inspiration!