Toni's heart #13

This heart is for Toni, one of the newer members of CoH (newer than me!). She LOVES orange, and the brighter the better, so, while this heart is NOT me, it IS Toni. I love the flower in the middle, but the rest I found quite hard to embellish. I don't have anything against orange, however the yellow threw me. I DO NOT LIKE YELLOW! I like tans, bronzes, golds etc even a pale lemon might be acceptable, just not yellow. I don't know what to do with it. So this heart is done. Toni liked it - at least she said she did- and I'm off to work on something blue.

I do however LOVE this. It is so cool and tranquil and green. Makes me
think about swamps and jungles, and that cool, but moist air, with lots of exotic sounds from strange animals and insects If you ask me my favourite colour, I would say "purple". But over the years I have realised that if there is a choice, I will always choose green. Nathalie is french, so I can't read a word, unless she is telling me 'the orange is in the table'. But I can admire her piccies and I think she has a friend do some translating on occasions. Go and look, she does beautiful work.


MargaretR said...

I love that heart Jo. Those are my colours, but I would not have thought of using the blue, but I still like it. My GD who loves blue remarks how very little blue I have in my work.

Iris said...

Did you visit Nathalie's flickr site and see the lovely postcards? Thank you for the link.

Jo in NZ said...

Margaret, I only used blue because there was blue in the middle of the flower, otherwise I wouldn't of considered it either, then I would of been more stuck!

Sharkeysday said...

I love the colors! I'm a HUGE orange person!Lovely use of yellow (it's kind of cool to stretch ocassionally isn't it?)and it all came together great!

judith green said...

Hi Jo, thanks so much for letting me know you are thinking of me. For some reason I have not been able to get back to my blog, BUT i have been thinking of it a lot recently. Grief is a funny (did I say that) thing, so many stages and seasons and layers. I have signed up for a couple of classes at joggles and really want to get back into blogging. Goog to hear from you and I often come on over to read your blog. Your work is great and you are turning out some fantastic hearts.
Thanks heaps