After waving the family off this morning, I pieced another heart. I will embellish this evening while enjoying the quality programming available to me - SURVIVOR & AMAZING RACE. I love Sundays!!.

The house is very quiet, and very tidy,which is just fantastic. I had a lovely dinner - chicken and mushroom fettuccine, FRESH fettuccine (my family have very, um, simple tastes). I'm going to stay up late, which I do every night...but I'm going to sleep in tomorrow till I am damn well ready to get up. No kids wanting feeding, no shitty nappies, no little Jon bringing me the biscuit barrel at 8am saying 'dina, dina, dina'. Nice little side thought, but I do not miss my family AT ALL when I am having my 'holiday', and I do not waste 1 second feeling guilty about that!
The only down side is that I will have to make my own cups of tea... oh well, I can't have everything.


Ribbonwiz said...

Looks Great Jo!
Your really getting into the hearts, looks like your hooked!
I've still to start mine,
Seeing yours now, I must do some.

Jo in NZ said...

Well, get going !! I'll be in line for one of your hearts ( after Maureen).