Well, I've been a busy girl. I have done a heart for the Chains Of Hearts swap. Here are piccies of the nekkid block, the embellished block...and a detail shot of my 3-D flower bud, which I feel is particularly innovative and clever!!

I am really looking forward to receiving some work from people in this group.

I think this can also count as my CC for tomorrow, seeing as it's after midnight.


Dana said...

I just love your stuff. In honor of you I plan to try to do a cq heart this weekend to add to one of my tote bags.

Jo in NZ said...

Dana, thankyou for your comments.
You go girl. Just start small and do a few simple stitches on the seams, and she'll be a winner. I'll look forward to seeing the bag.

Maureen said...

Is your flower crocheted Jo?
It looks great!

Jo in NZ said...

Well I don't know what time it is where Dana is Maureen, but you are as bad as me. Don't you have a bed to go to??
The flower is from a crocheted doiley that I de/reconstructed. I did not crochet it, I simply paid for it.

Chloe said...

Ooooh, Yes - I think the bug has bit.

Nice Bud, Buddy (sorry!)

Ribbonwiz said...

Looks great Jo
Love the flower bud!