CC #7

I found, via another blog ( Digita Gran) this great, IMHO, thingy! Its called Scribbler. You draw a piccie, then hit go, and it 'scribbles' it for you. Its quite liberating because you only get one chance to draw the line, at least I haven't figured out how to erase, and the starting image is quite simplistic! You can change the colour and line thickness as you go, and come up with some really interesting stuff. Digital Gran uses the images she creates for fabric art. She sends them to Photo shop, tutus a little, and wal-la. I had fun anyway, and I am using the images for todays creative commtittment. Maybe cheating, maybe not. I had to do the original image, so I guess it's my work.
The face is just the scribble. The CQ block, I took a copy of my before image, and the after. I think it looks lovely and lacy. The landscape is the scribble, and the scribble superimposed over my drawing. I think you can let it scribble as long as you you want. I stopped it when I was happy with the image

My lovely partner is taking the kids back to the bach tomorrow, so I can have a few days to myself. We agreed a few holidays ago that I would get 1 weekend per holiday period for myself. Either he and the kids would go away, or I would. I LIVE for these weekends. They are they only thing that prevents me from KILLING my children. I love my family dearly, but I spent a lot of years on my own, pleasing myself before I met Rob, and sometimes 1 husband+3 fulltimechildre+2part time children+1cat+2budgies=complete meltdown...

I have joined a group, Chain of Hearts, so I will use of MY time to prehaps start some hearts.


Calidore said...

You aren't alone in that thought regarding the faimly. We all need time out for ourselves. I hope you enjoy your peace and quiet.

Stacy said...

I love this scribble thingy! It's quite addictive. Thanks for sharing it!!