Creative Committment

So, here is todays creative offering. I KNEW I wouldn't do it everyday, which is why I didn't join the Daily Devotions Group, but in my own way, in my own time, I will create! Rachel over at Indigo Luna has started blogging her daily creations, some really lovely fabric collages. I scanned the sketch before I added the colour wash, because I just didn't know if what was in my head was going to make it to the paper the way I wanted it to. It hasn't turned out to badly at all. I think I still prefer the sketch though. The coloured one is a little wavy from the wetness of the paper. Maybe I'll iron it later, but probably not, after all it is the Process, not the Product that is important.

I wanted to add that I am really glad that I got this down on paper, it has been floating around the old synapses for a few days. It didn't look exactly like this in my head, but I happy with the result.

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