Some stitching progress

Yes, you read right, I have done some sewing today!! Whoop whoop. I have added the spider web and dragonfly to my Blu fan block. I'm not sure about the dragonflies flight path, it stands out, alot. Any suggestions? I also think I will add some light purple french knots along the leaves on the rose motif. It needs a lift. There is some metallic gold along the edge of the red ribbon that doesn't show in the scan, but it could still do with something else. I did a bit of frogging of some red stitching that wasn't really doing it for me, and I will ponder overnight what to add to the final section of the fan ( not fully visible on scan). Then...I'm going to start a nekkid block and I will blog my progress as I go. WOW, it's all so exciting. I need to go and get some more ribbon for my roses, but I'm in no rush, I can't any sewing done at the bach, so you won't see anything on this for a few more weeks.

Trampoline update. (for Jacqui)
You'll never guess, but the easy to assemble trampoline, was actually EASY to assemble!! ya huh! No kidding. We did it in about 20 minutes, and it hasn't fallen apart ...yet. The kids are really enjoying it, when they are not fighting about who is gonna jump first, highest, longest....blah blah blah.

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