Well, hello hello. I guess I should start with the prerequisite
We have been at the bach and have come home for a little holiday from our holiday, if you know what I mean. Don't the kids get so god damn shitty and over tired when they are on holiday?! The tantrums and hissy fits have become a breakfast, lunch and dinner affair, so they were loaded in the car , and here we are. We ALL had a good nights sleep last night. Hallelujah.
( *rant warning*)
The piccie is of Ben's "sand monsters" that he did for the annual sand castle competition. He got second place. As usual those f*****g C____d kids got first place because mummy and daddy build the entire thing while they sit and watch. The judge is going to get some, huh hum, CONSTRUCTIVE feedback from me this year. It's not that I expect my kids to win, but to give the prize to a two year old who
OBVIOUSLY didn't do a thing, is incredibly unfair to the kids that do their own work. I take heart in knowing that their children are going to grow up with NO self esteem or self confidence, because they will always believe they are not good enought to do it themselves. This family is notorious for "helping" ( read CHEATING) their children in all the activities and competitions that we have at the camp.
( end rant..)
Man, there's alot to catch up on when you go away for a week or so. Daily digests, weekly round ups, not to mention everyone on my blogroll! I'll be busy for days.
I've really missed my computer :( . We dont even have a phone at the bach. It is a good break, and I've read abpout 4 books in the last week, but I miss the World Wide Web, and all the information and inspiration it has to offer.
Anyway, thats me for now. We are back to the holiday on Friday for another week or so, until the bad behaviour becomes to much again.
Over and out


Dana said...

Hey, i will rant with you on that one. I make my girls do their own projects and work. I may make suggestions but for the most part they do it. I have had many pissy moments when I wanted to just let people have it because of grades and such that children get when it is obviously not their work.

Maureen said...

Welcome back.....you've been missed!
Regards your rant.........at least you and your kids know "honesty" and Ben has done his own thing.
Nothing worse that parents who "do" everything for their kids and rob them of precious experience in Life skills.
(end of new year sermon!)

Calidore said...

Hi, Popped over for a look after you left a lovely comment on my blog - thank you for it. Know what you mean about some kids not doing a thing, but getting all the rewards. Mine have to do stuff themselves - makes them better people in the end, those other kids just end up being spoilt brats. Love your sons sandcastles. Very Very Cute. Tell him he would get a prize from me....lol.