While you were sleeping

After thinking about the Daily Devotions stuff, I went out and bought a small blank journal ( to limit the size of what I do!) My little Brookie looks like such an angel when she is sleeping, I wanted to capture something of her, so I sketched her hand. She was lying in my shadow, so it was difficult to see detail.
I don't do alot of drawing, but it is something I enjoy, and am reasonably good at. One thing I would change in my life would be that I would take art in collage if I could do it again. The teacher was such a BITCH that I didn't want to do another year with her.


momwith3kids said...

U R good. Need I say "talented".

Ribbonwiz said...

What a shame you didn't go on drawing in collage,
You have a real talent there

Jo in NZ said...

Thanks for your kind words, ladies. There is still time I guess. I have always wanted to take art classes, so maybe this will be something I will actually do next year, or maybe the year after. I'm going to keep sketching in the meantime though