When good neighbours go bad

The photo doesn't quite convey the, uummmm, brightness/ gawdiness / over the top flashingness/ red-light-districtness...you get it, right. These two houses over the road are in constant competition with each other, and the lights are getting worse every year. They used to look really nice, oh, but now, it's just all to much. It's like sleeping in a motel with a faulty neon sign. They are lovely, lovely people, but they've lost perspective when it comes to Christmas lights.


Dana said...

I must say that I agree with you on that. Exactly what is that up on the roof of the house on the left??????? Does it say something, is it a picture of something or is it just lights strawn across the roof? Is "strawn" a word?????

Maureen said...

I'm GLADDER than ever that I live in a rural area!!
And I bet you're glad that there's not an Easter lights competition too!