Pink bag - mark II

My 18 yr old step daughter requested a pink fairy bag, minus fairy, for christmas. Here's what I've done so far. Still a bit more stitching to do. She wants black handles like Natty Girls Sha Sha bag
I have to say, looking at a photo of my work is proving to be very useful. It gives me a different perspective. See, I thought the right side of the bag was pretty much done, but, looking at it here, I think it needs a bit more work. And I put in that curved seam at the top, but I just don't think it's working for me, but at this stage it's staying. T did say she would like some kind of closure on the bag, so I might be able to move the eye elsewhere . She wants a ZIP, I don't think I've got that in me. Not before Christmas anyway.

My Poppa is in hospital..again...but they think they have finally sorted the problem. His throat muscles are not working properly, hence the food gets stuck at the back of his throat, and the all fluid is going to his lungs, which is why they keep diagnosing him with pneumonia. This is a marvelous breakthrough, and its only taken THREE YEARS!!!!! My poor poppa has been slowly starving to death. He was an incredibly active man, still tramping and camping, fishing out in the boat, in his late 70's, and he has been so depressed because he can't do anything anymore. I'm hoping they will just whack in a peg feed, and let him get on with it. The physio/ speech therapists say he can't strengthen the muscles until has had reasonable nutrition for a while, and he can't eat properly until he strenghthens the muscles........although my IQ is close to genius ( depending on the day of the week), you don't have to be too smart to figure this one out, do ya, Doctors??


Ribbonwiz said...

I love how you make this bag,
Love the shape. makes me want to make one!

Maureen said...

Oh Jo,this one is coming up a treat!
Sorry to hear your poppa's problems;Speaking from sad experience,it's a pity that more doctors didn't get ill,as it might make them start using their intellect instead of the formula that says"everybody gets treated this way!
BTW: We're finally Linked!!