Cute, or what??

This is my bubba, Jon. In the last few days he has decided to walk more than crawl, but here, he decided to climb into an entirely unsuitable, and unstable, plastic shopping trolley...but he thinks he's pretty clever. I guess climbing in here is preferable to climbing onto siblings drawers and hanging out the window, or climbing onto the kitchen bench and tipping the jug over himself ...thankfully not boiling the THREE times he's done that so far!! A mother can't even go for a pee.......
Needless to say we have started a behavior modification regime that involves saying NO alot.


Maureen said...

.........and you still have time to stitch!!!
I used to sit INSIDE the playpen and leave our bloke outside!!
But hey--you asked is Jon cute or what??
I'm a sucker for blondes..........male of course!

pat winter said...

He is adorable!