Visitors.....yes, YOU!

I'm getting quite excited by the whole 'statcounter' thingy. Since I stopped counting my own visits, duh!,and have checked out the other features, like overseas visitors. It constantly amazes me how small the world has become since the internet has become available to , well, almost anyone. A couple of comments on a blog, or a craft forum, and you've made a friend.
No piccies today, but I do have a request, I would really love for the people who drop by to leave a comment and tell me where you're from. Just your country, not your whole geneaology... I know I've had visits from Aussie, US, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Hong Kong, Switzerland... so if you are one of these people, please take a minute to leave your name and location. Appreciate it :)

Ka kite ano a hoa
(see you later my friends)


Maureen said...

We have to stop meeting like this!!
Maureen in S.E.Qld

Jo in NZ said...

Thankyou Maureen, I knew I could count on you

Maureen said...

and trots off to make some tasy cheese shortbreads!