Pink Bag II- post II

I scanned these images( I'm a virgin scanner) and haven't they come out well!Though there is about a gazillion pixels, so they are taking a w____h___i___l____e to upload. So whaddaya think so far??

I came across this group in my daily surf. Daily Devotions- 365 Days in a Life. Rachel at Indigo Luna is behind this. The members of this group commit to creating a piece of art every day for a year. I'm NOT joining the group, but I do like the concept, so I think I'll drag out the pastels and visual journal, and just do it for myself. The outline for the art created is very broad- fabric art, paper art, photographic, sketch, doodle,etc. The minimum size is 4"x4". Totally do-able. I did a creativity course earlier this year ( in relation to working with children) so I can apply some of those skills to myself, and it will give me something to blog about when I haven't done any stitching, and with all these fasinating, fun and informative blogs to get thru, stitching time is at a premium.


Dana said...

I love the pink bag!!!!!

Rachel said...

Oh, you should definitely join the Daily Devotions group! It's very laid back - no pressure at all and a really fun and energetic group. C'mon! It'll be fun! :-)