Jo needs...

Yep, I did the google search on my name. What a scream.
Jo needs
- your help
ya huh!
- head read
Ya Huh!
- a 17" power book
yes please
- a special wheelchair and hospital bed
that actually sounds really good
- to search no longer, she has found mister right
than *^#% for that
- help with dressing washing and other personal care,eats well, and usually healthily, although capable of finding crisps
big brother is watching me......
- a new car
I love my car
- a heart and lung transplant
to many 'crisps' I guess!
what ev ar!
-needs to wave her magic wand

Apparently though what I don't need is, Ghandi. Go figure

I have done some of the other little quizzy things online but haven't felt the need to clutter my blog with them just yet, but I thought this was fun, and now I have no time for blogging, or blog reading, because I have about 9,000,000 needs I NEED to go check out. I also need to find someone who can quell my paranoia about being so darn needy...... suc!

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