All That Jazz

Sharon B over at In a minute ago organised a fundraising venture for the Hurricane Katrina victims. The gallery is up and running and from Dec 8th , we - the public- can vote on which block will join the 19 invited CQ ers who have donated a block. The finished quilt will be raffled off on ebay. Go have a look , I think the competitors blocks are really good!

Playcentre stuff

Well, the AGM went resonably well. It was chaired well, and I was home by 11pm. Last few years we haven't had supper by 11!!. I was the only dork to dress up - orange fluro vest, steel caps, and a firemans helmet- but my report and pop quiz were well received, and I DIDN'T take on any extra jobs. Yeah!! DH took the kids up to the bach for the night, so I got a sleep in. Bllliiisssssssssssss......

Creative stuff
I have made the lining for Natty Girls Sha Sha Dream bag, And went and got some handles from Spotlight. Just have to hand sew the lining etc down and there should be a 'completed' pic in a couple of days.

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