French Knot project

Beche-la-Mer from Two Cents has embarked on an, IMHO, Awesome project. Go and have a look. The original idea came from The Embroiderers Guild

A few years ago I did a cross stitch of the solar system for a friend, and she would love this idea as well. My dear friend had always had great plans to go and see the world, but always let something - usually a man- get in the way. I was trying to remind her that she did have dreams, and she she get on with it!! Needless to say, she was supposed to leave in Oct, and she is STILL here,because of a man, AGAIN!
The design I did for her came from Teresa Wentzler's Millenium. I did just the central piece on navy linen, and used alot of krienik thread and beading. I have also done the entire design. It is still sitting in a drawer waiting to be framed...sigh..

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