Well, I just checked my stat counter....I know, I know...and I have had 95 hits on my blog today.
Oh...this is very,very, very exciting for me. I'm off to bed to dream about in a minute ago blog fame. Keep it coming my cyber friends, keep it coming.

I've done NO creating today, unless you count the quiz for the Playcentre AGM on Friday. I'm the Health & Safety Convener for our area, and the powers that be want fun, so, that's what they will get, along with a kiwi delicacy known as 'chocolate fish'.
Hey! we're a non profit organisation, thats all we can afford.


Sharon said...

Thought I would pop in and say hi... I love your blog title...

Jo in NZ said...

Thanks Sharon. I heard it years ago, and I thought 'thats a pretty good mantra to live by'.
I take it to mean that I am responsible for my life, and what ever I choose to do, the only certainty is that I'M still gonna be there, so I better make sure I'm happy with any possible consequenses. I spent alot of time ignoring the bad shit in my life, then I figured I was the only one who could fix it. So I did! and do..

Chloe said...


I just posted you to CQ embellishers - let's see what THAT does to your stat counter.

Linda (ducking for cover)