Mammouth Gingerbread House Mission 2011

So, in my effort to take out the 'best parent of the year award' this year (just invented by me as I think I am in with a chance this year) , and because we have a whole week to kill between school finishing and Christmas, I though I would make each of my children (and random others) individual Gingerbread houses to decorate. MAD, I know. I have NEVER done these before, so it is not like I am building on prior knowledge and just diversifying , I am just going for it.
Phase 1.1 - the dough making, successful
Phase 1.2 - chilling - successful
Phase 2.1 - rolling cutting and baking - reasonably successful
phase 3.1 - assembeling-ultimately successful - I had one redo as I dropped the icing contraption on one, and I did need to 'whittle' away little bits here and there to get a good fit. Note to self, do do the trim check when pieces are straight out of the oven and still warm enough to do this easily, carving with a short sharp knife is not desirable on very hard gingerbread!

Phase 4.1  - commences tomorrow - watch this space for the hot, sugary, mess that results from this.
Anyone want 3 kids for a sleepover tomorrow??


Marty52 said...

That looks like so much fun! I may just borrow this idea for my grandkids next Christmas. Looking forward to piccies!

Gerry Krueger said...

Good luck and what great fun... Since I've done this with kindergarten children (5-6 uears) I stongly recommend LARGE aprons and Saran (clear wrap) hats to keep frosting out of the hair.. When you clean up check the underside of the table as I'm sure you'll find frosting there also...LOL You definitely have my vote for outstanding parent of the year.... Hugs Gerry K.