2011 Ornament mission

Several years ago , you will recall, I started the "hand made ornament" tradition. So of course, I feel like I can't give it up now. As the years have gone on, I must admit, my designs have gotten simpler and easier to achieve. This years had to be particularly achievable, as it is already December!! and I haven't even thought about what to do.
You can see previous years offerings on my flickr page.

A quick whizz through Craft Gossip, and I had several ideas. I also flicked through previous journals and had quite a few ideas in there. Here is what I started with
you can find a tutorial here .This was just super easy to do. I intended to add another bead, and a "name tag" hanging from the bottom.

These fitted all the requirements, but I really wasnt 100% satisfied. Back to the net, and Craft Gossip to the rescue again!

Aren't these just the cutest thing you ever did see?? These are pretty tiny, just over 2.5" long. I am going to put a  little candy cane, or maybe a Hersheys kiss or something in each one. I have at least 20 of these to make.....I made these 2 last night, and time allowing, they may get a little more bling.
You can tell how outvof practise my needle skills are. Some of these I have seen have gorgeous , intricate, knotted blanket stitches around them. Instructions said whip stitch, and that is where I left it. They still need some kind of hanging loop.
Tutorial ,and pattern templates can be found here. The first template printed out really big, so I just reduced the size until the were teeny tiny, and elf like.


Leeanne said...

Thank you Jo, I have popped over and downloaded the pattern....tooo cute!

Thearica said...

Love those elf shoes!!

Marty52 said...

These are adorable!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I saw the little shoes somewhere else on the 'net and thought they were such a great idea. Yours are perfect for the well-dressed man about the town elf (or even a leprechaun).

FredaB said...

Hi Jo

Great to have you back posting again. Your houses urned out great and I bet the kids had a great time. More in them then out.

the little shoes are darling. I downloaded the pattern also.

Take care and keep on posting occasionally.



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