Truckin' along

Lets play spot the difference. Whenever I say a block is done, it is usually never done, and this needed more work.
I notice a new crop of readers commenting, so I will explain my thought process as we go along.
The biggest difference, which is subtle, is the extra stitching added to the half cirles up the top. While effective, there was a lot of 'space' in them , and it needed filling. I used a neutral thread to add texture and 'visual weight' only rather than colour. This helped offset the 'visiual weight' of the tatting on the other side.

And below are some close up of other work on the block

This seam is a variation on chain stitch, with a fly stitch and detached chain. A bullion knot lies within each link.
I also added the turquoise beads down this seam just for continuity with the tendrils coming out form the face.

And finally for today, another block started


Dolores said...

Oh my, you are quick. I am lovin' it. Colour blindness?

Ati. said...

Hi again, what did I say in my earlier comment? Whatever you decide, I know it will become beautiful. And it does!

Anonymous said...

oh so lovely!!! I really really like what you added to the half circles, I had not thought about using the tops and bottoms to put stitches. FANTASTIC!

Love it.

Ann Flowers

pineapple_ing said...

Dear Jo,
You are simply AMAZING! I don't comment often, but what more can I say?...
Hugs, from one that admires your embroidery talent. ~ Ing, in S. CA

FredaB said...

Beautiful Jo as usual. I assume you are going to put a beautiful piece of tatting on all the cream blocks. That will be wonderful.

I will be watching as you make this journey. Color blindness? You would never know it.



Marty52 said...

I'm so glad you're doing another quilt... lots to learn! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Do you put the bullion stitches in after the others, or before and work around them?

MargaretR said...

These are so beautiful Jo.

Jewelry said...

Oooooooo, look at all this loveliness! Everything looks just beautiful.