"Crazy in a Box"

I have finished the first cream block (light side). Boy, that was a mission. It has actually been a long time since I did CQ. Sitting down with a block in front of me was quite intimidating. I am definitely out of practice. What colour to put where? How to balance the block? Even though each block is a stand alone piece, and doesn't necessarily have to blend or balance with everything else on the quilt, I still want every one to be pretty...and right!

A commentor asked the size of each block. The sides measure 6"(15cm) each  10.5 x 6.25" (27x16cm) from point to point. It is a small block, equivalent to a 6" square block I guess in stitching area.
I struggled with my colours, as usual. Trying to stitch the cream blocks at night will be a no go I think. I frogged a revolting peachy mustard seam this morning. My quirky, rare, hereditary, colour blindness rises its stupid head again. At least I cant go wrong with black on black, and white on grey...


Anonymous said...

well based on the pictures..... you proved Crazy Quilting is like riding a bike you never forget:):)

I think your stitches look fabulous. And so creative as usual!!

Jo your still very inspiring, thank you!

Ann Flowers

Debbie said...

Awesome project Jo, I will love following this along as I have always admired your stitching. Debbie (Maine)

MichelleMermaid said...

I like everything you've done, but the tatted medallion with the SRE flower in the middle is FAB.
I can't believe you struggle with color blindness! No one would ever know. Maybe this is why you like monotones so much? Perhaps it makes things easier. One thing is for sure, your work is stunning, as always. I can't wait to see how the quilt progresses. :)

Momma Bear said...

nope you were right jo,
the black and grey look awesome with the cream!

Anonymous said...

That one is absolutely lovely! I really like the maroon stitching design you did.