Christmas RR

I have been stitching on Debbie Qs blocks, which is my final block in this RR.
This was fun, doing a whole block. Took a while to get back into the embellishing swing of things, but once the sequins came out, I went to town.

The silky I attached with heat'n'bond, and I hooked the lace under there to before ironing. This worked really well to keep everything in place. The heat'n'bond did darken the image a little , but I quite like the line the gold fabric produces. Looks like the moon shining thru.

Not sure if I have showed the following picture. This was the motif I did on Leslie's block. A bullion xmas tree, with swarovski crystal decorations. They really catch the light and look just gorgeous.

edited to add: seeing as the gorgeous Diane has featured this tree on Craft Gossip, I thought I would give you a bit more info.
Bullions are done with the beautiful hand dyed thread from Sassalynne. This thread is what Myfanwy calls 'fine;' and is equivalent to perle 8 cotton. I love it , it is my favourite thread. The thread is not a specific colour, just a variegated green.

It is school holidays here, so I will be gone for a week or so.


sdgodfrey said...

I adore that Christmas tree! It's fantastic!!!

Di's Quilting and Craft said...

Love your bullion Christmas tree and I am now going to try something similar on one of my crazy blocks. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

Lisa said...

Love that tree!

FredaB said...

You did a wonderful job on the Christmas tree made of bullions. I like making them also from my old heirloom sewing days.

Your Christmas block is also great. I like your idea of putting the lace and the silkie down at the same time. Must try that.



Lorenza said...

The Christmas tree is fabulous!

Marty52 said...

Good grief but that Christmas tree is cool! I'll have you know that I just bought some Sassa Lynne thread specifically so I can figure out how to do bullions like you do! Hopefully, anyway. ;0)

❦TattingChic said...
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❦TattingChic said...

OH! SOOOO pretty! I l♥ve that Christmas Tree! It's fabulous!

wanda art. said...

your work is Beautiful!!!
hugz, Wanda

Momma Bear said...

thanks for the inspiration!
I used your bullion idea to make a fir tree on the stocking I'm making for my DBF, and it came out beautifully!
I'll post pics in a day or so.
I also love the poinsettias I need to practice more on the SRE mine always seems to come out flat and funky!)

Anonymous said...

I Love simply EVERYTHING that you post here on your blog. Your creations are FANTASTIC!!
smiles, alicia in Hawaii

Irish Kathi said...

That tree is awesome! I love it. I really need to master (or at least try!) those bullions. This may be the push I need!
Your work is inspiring.

mamazerty said...

how do you find time enough to do all these wonderfull things?you don't eat?you don't sleep?how many hours in one of your days?I admire!!!!