New ETSY shop- Vintage Vices

 I have been lucky enough to come into a treasure trove of vintage linens. While I will use some of the tatting (of course) and crochet, there is an awful lot of hand embroidered doilies etc. The work is just exquisite. In some case, when taking pics, I realised I had photographed the back, not the front!!
99% of everything is edged with tatting or crochet, and while I would love to 'salvage' the tatting, I have decided to offer them for sale. I also decided to open a second shop to do this, rather than have it with my handmade goods. You can find a link in my sidebar, or you can click here

There is lots more to add, and I will be doing that over the next several days.
(I am trying to get to post 600 for this months giveaway...)


Marty52 said...

Temptress!! ;0)

Susan/CqLily said...

Can't wait to go see what you put on that site...I am on my way!