more completions.

I have been an A-Grade bitch over the last week or so. I had a change in some medication, that did not make me calm, and relaxed and in control, but everything that is the opposite of that, to the nth degree. Anywho, a desperate visit to the doc on Friday, and a desperate  plea for the old pills back, sees me back to my usual kinda bitchy self. Said bitchiness had rob taking the kids away over night so I could have a day to myself. I achieved a lot. Yeah. And i have more ideas in mind.

all these are available at No Matter Where I Go....ETSY  

These two bags are finished, but I am waiting for a potential owner to choose one. "C" if you are reading, could you please email me, as all emails I have sent have been returned 'undeliverable'??

And here is a look at what is available in my Vintage Vices store. I have been a busy little beaver listing away. Sorry for the terrible pic. I still haven't figured out the 'screenshot' thing (obviously)

And, just for fun, here is my auction up on our NZ ebay equivilant - TradeMe
you get to see more of my secret hoarding. I do however limit it to the garage, where I don't have to look at it. Can't stand looking at it, but will so enjoy collecting more once the garage is empty!!


Ati. Norway. said...

Jo, you are incredible. I had a loud laugh when I clicked on the "mouse" link. Very pretty stuff you have made lately. Take care Jo!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

What a hoot! I absolutely love your powers of description. Reminded me of the time we had 'something of unknown usage or origin' in our yard sale. I put a sign on it that said"If you can identify it, it's yours". Some poor fellow came along quite pleased that he knew what it was, but then he wasn't quite so pleased when I told him that because he identified it, he had to take it home! He went off down the street muttering about crazy women. At least I got rid of it!!

Aida Costa said...

You made me laugh out loud, I love your mouse listing! :D

Each new pic you post makes me DROOL. We have very similar tastes in colours and design, so it's such a treat that you share so much on your blog :) I've been hugely inspired by you.

Rose Anne B said...

WOW JO that does not sound good for your health or family! Take care.

As for your creativity I just love the outcome this past week! Now your SREs what size ribbon did you use or did I miss that in your blog? See mine are not as nice as your's - maybe I pull them to snug? Just love the pieces!!!