Wed 17th June

Gosh, I am all out of titles, but not out of pics.
Here is the red bag from the previous post. I actually really like how it turned out. I was dubious to start, as my night pieceing under artificial light was a bit dodge (the pink was supposed to be red!). If I did it again I would use cream beads to tie in with the tatting and move that lightness around the block. I have about 4 bags assemble now, so a marathon piecing effort will be required soon.

And on a positive not, my vistaprint cards arrived, from the Netherlands! They are very nice quality. On reflection I should of used "www" rather than "http://". I didn't add phone as most of these go in RR bags, or with purchased item, and I figure I can always write on the back if need be. I probably should of used a less detailed picture, but overall, they will do the job.


TattingChic said...

Congrats on your new cards. Your new stitched bag is coming along nicely.

Anonymous said...

Jo, love the purses! Actually I love all your work! Nice cards too! Debbie (Maine)

Anonymous said...
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matilda said...

il tuo lavoro è meraviglioso. la card con il cavalluccio marino è fantastica. complimenti complimenti, sarei onorata se tu volessi visitare il mio blog. scusa il mio terribile inglese.
your job is wonderful. the card with the sea horse it is fantastic. it compliments compliments,
I would be honored if you wanted to visit mine blog. excuse for my terrible English.

Charlene said...

My goodness, child, you do continue, don't you? How in the world do you find time to do all that lovely tatting? It certainly does look pretty, and gives you something to bead on, doesn't it? After all your hassle, the cards turned out nicely.

Gerry said...

I'm happy to see you got your cards and are happy with them. Your WTF post was a hoot. You've got 'balls' I'll give you that!

I have ordered cards, stamps, lables, you name it from Vistaprint and have been very happy with them. Although, I too think the postage is a little pricey. But postage/shipping for anything has gotten out of control.

The bags you're making are fantastic. When I first saw the tutorial (somewhere on my blogroll) I thought they would be too small - wrong!