same old, same old...

Well, we are back at home, kids are back at school and preschool, and I am, yet again, trying to meet a deadline. There is a postcard exhibition on at an Art Gallery over summer, and I have to have it done and submitted by Friday (thats 3 days..again...people). Trying some new stuff, and it looks good so far, so ahead we will forge.
 We had a lovely few days in Taranaki. It was great to catch up with Belinda and Todd. 3 days was just about enough for the kids to be together. I enjoyed the drive down there (6 hrs), along with the inevitable "are we there yet"! And those started before we hit the Bombay Hills ( 20 mins! LOL). The kids loved the 'farm' life. Feeding the lambs and chooks etc, I even sent them all off wandering one afternoon, something that would NEVER happen at home.  We took a  trip into New Plymouth one day, roller skating another. Wow, that bought back memories, I was quite the roller skater in my day, so I strapped some on, did one lap, and that was enough for me. 17 years since I have been skating. Although I am only 35, i was worried about breaking a hip!!
Here's the proof ...please take special note that I am a)on my feet, and b)not holding onto anything. This is the only full body shot  you will get of me on my blog. I am for reading, not for

Here is some 'installation art' created at a beach we visited - Kaupokanui (I think).  Beautiful beach. I filled my boot with driftwood which is now in my garden looking gorgeous.

Finally, I did get some stitching done. Todd was on early milkings so Belinda and I pretty much had the evenings to ourselves, we stitched and chatted. I also worked on some stockings.

I am away at a  National meeting this weekend for Playcentre , so should have more to show next week. I haven't been to this particular meeting before so I hope I have as much time to stitch as I do at the Education ones.

I have had a feeling in  my 'waters' for a couple of days...I let you know if, and when something momentous happens....


Marie Alton said...

Hi Jo

Glad to see you back safe and sound. OMG...rollerskating days!
Been there...done that ... and like you would worry now about breaking something...not to mention that my knees couldnt take it! But...we were so invincible back then...weren't we?

Paula Hewitt said...

roller skating . ha. i wouldnt even contemplate it now...even though i was a roller disco freak back in the day.

good to see you back (thought id better leave a comment....doing a lot of that

looking forward to seeing what you decide to do

Faye said...

Sounds like you and the kids had a great time, just relaxing... it's always good to be on a farm, away from everything. Glad to have you home again. Have a great time this weekend too.
cheers - Faye

Tami Schmidt said...

Your post about rollerskating brought back great memeories. I still love to skate, but am afraid because of a back injury. Just imagine tho that if we did fall and break something we would have all that time to stitch. I love the lavendar post card and also the beach serentity one too.


Anonymous said...

About that instillation art piece, once upon a time we built stuff like that wherever there were rocks, and half the time got into trouble because it might fall down and hurt someone! I am starting to get the message that I am old, and I haven't even got a seniors card yet!

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

I love your landscape camera angle. It's perfectly framed. Very nice.