heading out

me and the kids are off for a few days. Opunake or Waiwera? We'll flip a coin at the end of the road!
See ya
(hopefully I'll find my happyface when I get there)

later....Opunake wins...heading out in the morning. I feel better already. Nothing like a cuppa and a good chat with your best bud!


Ousizch said...

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Gerry said...

Hi Jo, I hope you have a wonderful time on your adventure. Life can be pretty demanding sometimes and kids.....well, you know.

Your quilt is just stunning. I can't even imagine taking on such a huge project. But you pulled it off beautifully. I wish you the very best.

Finally, it was really nice to catch up with your blog. I've been such an "absent annie" lately.

Take care & don't be a stranger :-)

Momma Bear said...

I hope yopu find your "happy face"!
what a bummer to loose it!

Faye said...

Hi Jo, hope you have a great time with - just you and the kids... enjoy!!!
cheers - Faye

Susan said...

Hope you are having a wonderful time. Sounds like the trip came just in time!