Another Knot bag

Thought I'd better post something just let you know I'm probably hasn't been that long, but I feel that I don't post frequently enough. Thank goodness for readers/blogrolls. Hopefully not too many swing by now to find nothing new.

Anywho, the front to another knot bag complete. I have pieced the base and backing together, but don't have anything suitable (cheap enough) to use as a lining at the mo. A shopping trip is in order. Yay!!

Apart from this I have a couple of RR blocks I am working on, and some swaps. I also have the black CQ mojo back. I so wish I could do things in advance, but I work better when the deadline was yesterday..... I have enough blocks for a quilt ( I would of like more, but that's my own fault ) . I have just a few finishing touches to do to a couple, and while the mojo is present I may do a couple more and swap them out for some that are less appealing to me. I need some time at my mums (for her) to sew them together, then I need to embellish where the corners converge. If you have any ideas on this I would love to hear them. I know it will be easier when I can show a pic, but just thought if you had seen something that was really cool, you could pass it on. Ideas that can be stitched please. I think it will probably end up being feather stitch or something boring. Time will tell.

Well, thats me. Olympics closing ceremony tonight..
ka kite ano


Paula Hewitt said...

Beautiful CQ - this is the stuff I wasnt keen on comparing to my own offerings! lol.
No clue on what to do where the corners converge.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I don't know what to suggest about your corners, not having seen what you're referring to. Did want to tell you that the bag is looking gorgeous tho.

TattingChic said...

Wow! Beautiful. I'm adding you to my reader so I can keep up on the work you do with all those tatted pieces! I love seeing tatting incorporated into other mediums like this!

El rincón de Paloma. said...

Gracias por enseñar como lo haces. El crazy es una de mis asignaturas pendientes.