Woohoo. I did it!!

Well, I am so freakin' proud of myself. This little project had the potential to go soooo wrong, and it came together really well. No unpicking, no redoing, no complete fuck ups that would require me to start again, which is what I was expecting. This is a memory book for Tiffany's 21st. I will set up a basket with various pens etc and ask people to write something in it for Tiffany. Either a memory of her from her past, and/or a well-wish for the future.

I bought a A5 spiral bound sketch book, and set about making a pattern for the sleeve. This was the first opportunity for things to go wrong. If you are taking the size of a book cover, wrap it around the book to check the size. Do not take the pattern with the book lying flat, it will not be big enough.
I DID NOT get this wrong! yay!
Also remember to mark where the front is. When doing a cover the front will actually be on the right of your template, not the left. More disaster avoided! (see pic at the end)
I cut my template the size of my book sleeve,minus the pockets, and marked where I would piece the front. Because I use the fusible interfacing, when the front was done, I sewed the back on, then ironed it in place.
Jump ahead here. I have cut, pieced and embellished the front, sewn the rest of the cover (back) to the front, just plain black fabric, although it is worth mentioning that , quite by chance, I grab some that had some stretch in it, and this worked really well.
What you see above, is some heavy grade fusible interfacing, cut from my original template, fused to the correct position for the book cover. The extra black to the left, will create the pocket that the cover fits into. More excellent thinking on my part, as I was going to cut it to size, then sew the extra on. Quite unnecessary for the back. You do however, have to do that for the front. The pins are holding down where I will finish the edge of the pocket. I didn't measure this, just made sure it was generous. I also remembered to sew this first, before sewing the pocket down. Disaster number 2, or is that 3, avoided.
I probably could have taken more photos, but I forget when I am in the middle of sewing...
Ok. Next was creating the pocket for the cover to slip into. Right sides together, and I have drawn a couple of black marks where the edge of the sleeve comes to. Sew to here.
Here is the pocket, with corners trimmed, ready to be turned right side out. Do the same for the other side.
After the flaps were sewn down, my only sticky issue now was the raw edges left along the top and bottom, between the two pockets. If I do this project again, I will think a bit more about this, but my solution worked fine. Disaster number 4 averted.
Above you can see 3 orange arrows. I pressed my raw edges down. Ironed on some of my handy-dandy fusible interfacing, then did a row of straight stitch close to the edge.

Here is the book in it's sleeve. Please note everything is fitting PERFECTLY!! (can you tell I am pleased with myself?)
And below, the finished cover. T's colours for her party are black, silver and hot pink.
I have to say the thing I am most pleased about is that the cover is straight. I MUST have things straight, if they are meant to be straight. If it wasn't straight I would of had to of started again. I am so pleased I don't have to start again.

Here is the book lying open...see what I mean about the right side. If I hadn't thought about this, my book would of had a beautiful back.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Very pretty book! Congrats on a job well done. Thanks for the hints of 'what not to do' too!!

Plays with Needles said...

This book turned out beautifully and I appreciate all the "heads up" on areas where it could go wrong. I've saved your post for reference when I get the time to make one... Thanks!

alice m said...

What a lovely gift. Now please excuse my dimness but why does the sleeve for the front have to be added seperately? Does it just look better if you do that? Or is is there more ease if the book is taken out of the cover? You can tell I've never made one of these but this may well go on my list of "things I could (ahem) make for pressies".

El rincón de Paloma. said...

Es realmente precioso y elegante. te felicito.

Jo in NZ said...

Alice, I will see if I can explain adequately...
The black that folds over to form the pocket that the front cover slips into, has to be sewn on, creating a seam along the edge of the cover. For the back, I just cut the backing bigger, and folded it to size, before stitching to create the pocket. No seam,it's just folded over.
If I hadn't be thinking, or if I had cut my fabric more to size, I would of had to of sewn an unnecessary seam. No biggy, i was just pleased that it worked out as a fold, rather than an extra seam, thus less chance of things going wrong!

Marty52 said...

She is just gonna love this book, Jo. What a special way this will be to remember an important day for her. This post is a keeper!

Susan said...

Just beautiful, Jo! I love the soft colors on the black. What a great idea for her! A keepsake forever!

Anonymous said...

Jo - After a few days to think about it, I decided I had to comment on this post.

Your language is offensive. Your work is beautiful but that one foul word ruined this post. I'm not sure if I want to return to your blog, as I don't want to dodge any more f-bombs.

J in Canada

Jo in NZ said...

J in Canada. I am sorry that you are offended. However it is my blog, and you very well might be subjected to it again. I already tone down my colourful language a great deal for the blog, but I am me, take it or leave it.
Only once in a while does it slip out. I do hope you continue to read, however we all are free to exercise the right to choose.