The Cross completed

I have FINISHED a project!!. I have it hanging on the wall in my lounge at the moment.
I ended up painting the canvas as I did not have enough of the fabric I wanted to use. I think that covering the canvas with fabric would be a far better option, just for stability. I have sewn through the canvas to attach the cross, and a good yank from a small child, and it will probably rip off. But it is wall art, and therefore should not be being yanked on!!
I am incredibly pleased with how it came out. It did look good on a black background, it also looked great on a maroon background, but I felt that was a bit much. It does all look at bit green on my wall, but Belinda's walls are not green.
It is so sparkly as you walk past it. I am very inspired to put some of my RR and DYB blocks together and get something on my walls. Can you belive I have NO fibre art displayed on my walls anywhere. Even the spirit dolls didn't go back up (yet) since painting the lounge. I do get round to doing things....eventually. Anyway, I am happy with it. Now just to hope that Belinda will be too.

For those of you that commented on the 'circle of friends'. This is actually the Playcentre logo, which is where Belinda and I met.


CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Jo, Your completed CQ Cross is truly gorgeous. you do beautiful stitching.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful - your friend will love it.

Susan said...

The cross is just beautiful, Jo! Your stitching is as wonderful as ever.

Possibilities, Etc. said...

This is absolutely beautiful!! I would never have thought of a CQ cross.