A completion...almost!

A year ago my bestest bud moved away and I began "The Cross" project. It was supposed to be finished for when she moved. Well, it wasn't. Then I thought I would finish it a take it down when we went a Xmas. Well, I didn't. So, they are coming up here for these holiday's and it is Belinda's birthday while they are here, so I was determined to finish it. And I have...almost. I only had a tiny bit of embellishing to do. I think I thought if I didn't finish it, they might come back.

Anyway, for those of you interested, here is how I finished the edges. It is the same process I use for everything I do - postcards, atc's etc.
Here is the embellished piece face down. I have cut a piece of heavy fusable (pellon) lining the same shape/size as my original template, and fused that to the back.
Next I fold up the corners and press. This gets nice tidy mitres.
Here is all the corners and edges folded in and pressed. The fusable lining is quite thick, and offers a good clean guideline for folding up to.
Here I have cut another piece of lightweight fusable interfacing, slightly smaller than the original template. I iron this in place, which keeps all the edges and corners looking neat. I did consider leaving it like this, in which case I would of used a double-sided fusable, and backed with fabric, but I have another plan.
And here is the finished (almost) Cross. I am going to do some beading around the edge. I was going to do black, but that seems a bit sombre for a Christian symbol of faith, so I will probably use pearls. I am going to mount this on one of those pre-stretched canvas's you can buy. Again I was considering a black background, but I am warming to prehaps green.
Suggestions welcome. It is about a foot wide by foot&1/2 long.
It feels really good to get this finished. I know I finish little things all the time. But this has been lingering as UFO for quite a while. It is interesting to see how I chose to embellish it a year ago. I think it would look quite different if I started the same project again today.


Doreen G said...

This is an amazing piece and I love the circle of friends in the bottom section.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Joe, this is a stunning display of friendship!! Beautiful! Debbie (Maine) campmoxie@yahoo.com

Kathy said...

Jo, I remember when you started the project. It is stunning! I bet she will have tears in her eyes when she sees it. I too like the circle of friends, the silk ribbon flowers and do I see tatting?

Jackie said...

What a gorgeous gift for your friend! You did a beautiful job, I'm sure she will treasure it!

Marty52 said...

Gorgeous, Jo. Your friend is just gonna be soooo happy to have this as a rememberance of your friendship. Excellent!

Maddie Can Fly said...

It is a beautiful piece. Thank you for showing the back and how you do it. It was the 2nd piece of fusible interfacing that I couldn't figure out.

olderrose said...

What a special gift. I hate it when a friend moves away. This will be reminder of you everytime she looks at it and a timeless treasure... Definitely encrusted enough for my taste.... Love it!!

Gerry K

alisonmc said...

That's a lot of work there - well done!!

Green would be a great background. From my memory as a child growing up with my nan ironing my vicar grandpa's robes green is used sometime after Christmas (I'm probably wrong) and represents the teachings of Christ and spreading the new word of God and all that. Very appropriate for your friend's gift.

FredaB said...

Beautiful Jo

Your friend will love this. The circle of friends is so simple but just jumped right out at you. It is embellished perfectly. Great job and thanks for the info on finishing it.

Have a great visit with her - good friends are precious.



jasminduft said...

Beautiful cross!

There is a note for you on my blog.
You can find it at:

Regards, Ana

Wendy said...

JO, your cross is just gorgeous!!!! Your friend will be so pleased to recieve this wonderful symbol of not only her faith but your friendship as well.

Candi said...

Jo, absolutely beautiful! I'm sure it will always be treasured:)

Allison Ann Aller said...

Wow, this is just exquisite...really a wonderful gift from the eye and hand and heart.

...and that finishing technique...that is a total winner!!!
You should think about writing that up for CQMagOnline, seriously!