Round robins and swaps

Here is my most recent DYB block completed. Cathy wanted jewel tones on her black. Despite this block looking very vivid, the colours are actually quite true. Lots of sequins and swarovski sparkle on this block.
And here are the completed tags. 4 for the swap, 1 for the giveaway (conveniently blacked out- haha), and one on the way to a friend...


alisonmc said...

Spoil sport - I wanna see the swappie one!

The flowers on the block are lovely. Very neat and precious.

Ati. Norway. said...

The black block is beautiful. I see you put beads between the flowers for a sparkle, very nice idea!
The tags are lovely as all your work is! The reciever will be happy :)

Virginia said...


These are so beautiful and reflect your personal Crazy quilting style.
Just gorgeous!

Candi said...

Everything is just beautiful as it always is Jo:) I saw the postcard you sent Karrin (she lives 3 blocks from me, give or take) and it's gorgeous!!

soomanybears said...

I can you tell me how the back of your crazy quilt tags were finished?

Jo in NZ said...

I turn and iron my raw edges down, then use a double sided fusible interfacing to hold these in place, peel the backing off the other side, and iron my precut backing fabric on.