Completions and a RAOK

I have been busy stitching away on on RRs. Here is Gerry's Fabulous Fan block complete. You can't see very well, but there is a little sequin flower in the centre of each of the flowers that give them a sparkle. I am still a little unhappy with the cream section, however all Gerry's blocks are pieced the same, so it shouldn't look out of place when she assembles the completed blocks.
Next is a wondrful package I recieved from Freda. Freda won one of my postcard giveaways, and emailed my to say she would like to send me "a little something" in return. Well, that was an understatment. The package was so big I thought it was my order from Ribbonsmyth!! And look what was inside. Beautiful variagated threads from DMC ( I LOVE variagated thead!) and a generous selection of laces, TATTING!!, crochet, trims. OH la la. Freda, your are a star. Thankyou so much.
I don't have a link for Freda (I know she has flickr), but click here to see some pics that Allie Aller took of Freda and her famous Kimono quilt.
I also received a wee while ago, a lovely handmade postcard and some yummy lace from the outrageously talented Pam Kellogg. Thanks Pam. I would miss your posts too....

That's all for this post. Off to decide which postcard will be the May giveaway. Get your commenting fingers ready.

ps. I forgot to mention, if you would like to see 'before' pics of Susans block (previos post) check out my flickr album (top of sidebar). :)


Pam Kellogg said...

Always such beautiful stitching Jo! And what a lovely batch of goodies! I like varigated threads too!!!


Kathy said...

Oh Jo, I see nothing wrong but everything perfect on Gerrys block. It is wonderful!
What a package too!

Gerry said...

As I said, your work is gorgeous as always. The flowers above the fan were a really nice touch.

Good thing Freda included lots of threads. It looks like you'll be needing them. LOL.

Melusine said...

Hmmmm. love the bullion flowers - think I am going to have to try those. Once again, thanks for the inspiration ... it is a lovely block you made. What a lucky lass to received such a gift.

Rose Anne B said...

OHHHHH it is just BEAUTIFUL!!! It brings tears to my eyes!!!


TattingChic said...

Ooooohhhh, I see more tatting there in the bottom photo! Pretty!!!