ho hum.....

I have been a bad blogger lately, but I haven't done a heck of a lot to blog about. I am not stitching alot...have been feeling just blahhh really. Struggling with migraines this week. Sometimes they are self inflicted (dietry) , or stress related. I am not a person that tends to get "stressed", not outwardly that you would notice, but I do get migraines. Sometimes I know what the stress is...but this week I don't. I guess I will figure it out in hindsight.

A timely interuption. The computer is still unhappy, and my computer guy just called in and gave me a new (old) 'box' while we get the old(new) one fixed. A bit frustrating as I don't have all my setting and personal stuff, but at least I am still here.

So, what have I been up to. sewing postcards...lots of postcards. We are spending next weekend with our best buds (adults and kids alike) and I told Belinda I would bring some postcards for us to work on. Her girls were really interested when I was there at Xmas, so there are some for them to. We are meeting in a camp ground in the middle of us, about 3 1/2 hours away. I am every excited!! The red bases are my faves. They were inspried by the block further down the page.
Below is the latest aquisition for my new lounge. A "lingerie" drawer. It is for my CQ supplies. I figure 14 drawers is enough to keep me semi organised!! It is solid wood, and I mean solid. It looks old, but I am not sure if it is, or if it is new 'rustic". I am leaning toward old, as the back is also solid wood, and newer stuff is usually just that composite board for backing. It was a very good buy of TradeMe. I am very happy.
Also check out the new paint. Green. Yum. I kinda miss the red, but I love green, always have. It is slightly darker and more olive than the pic shows.
Next is my progress on Hidekos Black DYB RR. I have struggled with this. Not because of the block, I think just cos my mojo is away somewhere..... Hideko wanted Silver and gold with touches of red. There is much more work to do on this wee gem.
Finally, Gerry's Fabulous Fans DYB. The insipration for the red postcards. Only a tiny bit of work on this so far.
Well, off to feed the troops. 2 extra tonight. My migraine has finally departed.


Elisabeth Braun said...

I totally sympathise, Hun! I've been almost stagnant on the stitching front recently too, just can't seem to get into it - or much else, for that matter!

I love your chest of drawers! Wish I had one like that (and room for one) for all my stash etc!

Your WIPs look great and I wish you soon totally free of the migraines. Is there something you're unsettled and/or stressed about that could be at the root of them?

Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

Jo, I love your work on my block. It's beautiful.

I was troubled with very bad migraine in my forties for years.
But now rare, luckily. Sometimes it occurs related with bad eyesight. Please take care of yourself.

Gerry said...

Jo, don't let you lack of enthusiasm add to your stress. When the time is right, you'll get back after it.

The chest is a gorgeous piece. You are very lucky to have it.

The postcards are really pretty on their own. When you work your magic with them, they will be awesome!!!!

Get better :-)

Anonymous said...

Jo, love your work! Your postcards look great! Question? Is there a reason you piece them horizontally (longer seams to work on maybe?) I do find them intriging. I have one of yours and I love it!! Debbie (Maine) rquirion@roadrunner.com

Jo in NZ said...

Debbie, the reason I piece horizontally on postcards is because I use them to experiment with new combinations, and this gives more length (you are right). I also like to piece them quickly, so keeping it simple is good!

AngelDoll said...

Love your blog and beautiful work. I am sorry to hear you have migraines, Jo. I used to get bad migraines too, but just a thought when you mentioned diet...my migraines disappeared when I stopped drinking 'diet' drinks or using sugar substitute...I sympathize with you and am hoping you will feel better soon. We all need a break from our hobbies and I am sure you will feel inspired soon.
BTW...I received my March giveaway safely and I love it...Thank you very much.
I am also thinking of doing some crazy patch blocks in the fan pattern...very pretty.
Take care of yourself and have a great weekend with those postcards. I can't wait to see what you will do with them...please post update.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hey Jo, Love all your post cards you have made up for your friends. I look forward to seeing some done up. I love your rustic CQ drawer. Pretty neat. Take care Hugs Judy