Thankyou and January giveaway

I am home for a quick break before heading off to "the 'naki" next weekend. Rob is taking the kids wawy for the weekend to give me a break. My sister and nephew have been staying with us up the bach with us...the one bedroom bach...4 kids... 3 adults + Rob on weekends. Not a whole lot of sleeping has been going on. The weather was supposed to be crap until the weekend, so we thought we'd come home for a couple of days. So much for that!

I wanted to thank all of you for the comments on my landscape heart. Its new owner hasn't received it yet, but it is on it's way to her now.

It was lovely to come back to a plethora of comments and "Make my Day" awards. Thankyou to Regin, Ati, Sharon B, Maureen B, and Hideko for these nominations. It Made my Day to see them all there.

Pat over at Gatherings asked why people blog. I blog because I enjoy sharing my work. It is great to get comments on something you have spent time making, or doing. It is also a motivator for me. If I didn't blog, I would still be stitching, but I would of just been plodding along, I wouldn't be nearly as productive as I am. I love the web, and all the inspiration it has to offer, and the fact that it brings like minded people together.

Debra asked how I did the trunk of the tree. I tend to do my trunks in rows chain stitch, then taper the branches off with stem stitch. Thats about as technical as it gets.

In celebration of the new year, and after last years motif giveaways, I have decided to do a monthly giveaway. I have been working on postcards while away, so the first several will be postcards. They will be sent thru the mail, which is why the embellishment is minimal. Its also minimal because I only take threads with me when I go away.
So if you would like to receive an original, handstitched postcard from me, leave a comment and will get someone to pull a name from a hat, or bag, or sock, whatever I can find!


Anonymous said...

Jo, thanks for answering my question about how you did the tree trunk. I made a note of it and will try it out. Debbie

Ati. Norway. said...

Jo, I agree with you that blogging is a nice medium to share your work and get feedback.
I wrote on my blog a while ago that it is like working in a group.
If there was no blog I would be a lonely ranger here in this little place on the Norwegian west-coast.
I have an atc from you but I like to be in the hat too for a postcard ;)

Lil said...

Hi Jo,

All of the seams are so gorgeous but that one in the middle is to die for.

I also wanted to mention that I did get the motif and it is just as lovely in person. Sorry it took me so long to tell ya,

Thanks so much. It really is nice to have a piece of your stitching!

Kathy said...

Thank you for sharing your work. Would love to have one of your postcards. Thanks to Sharon B. suggestion of using Google Reader you are now on my list for updates to you blog. Love your work.
Kathy R.

Karrin Hurd said...

I look forward to seeing your work Jo, and wondered just yesterday where you had been.

katelnorth said...

I'd love to receive a card - count me in! And happy new year.

aBookworm said...

What beautiful stitching!

This is just too good to keep to myself. I've blogged about it on my contest blog - A Bookworm's Diary (

Hope that's ok with you. Thanks and Happy New Year!

Gerry said...

Oh, I would love to have one of your postcards! This one is very cool. It reminds me of a DNA helix.

Glad you're having a good New Year and enjoying time with the family.

Lorenza said...

I would like to get a card from you, who doesn't? :-)))
Happy New Year

Lorenza said...

I would like to get a card from you, who doesn't? :-)))
Happy New Year

Jennifer said...

I love your work & would love to win one of your postcards. Please count me in!

Happy New Year to you & yours!

Jennifer :-)

Gail said...

Jo, I have some of your lovely work on my RR, and would love another. I have to agree, I blog for the same reason, I love to share what I have made and see if it is a delight to others, it is part of what keeps me working.

Sandy M said...

I'm so glad I found your site. I would love to have one of your cards!

dodo said...

Sounds great. Count me in. Love your cards :)

Stacey Moore said...

i would love to win this card!! thanks

windycindy said...

Hello, I am very happy to have found you and your site. What stunning work you do! I am an amateur card maker and do enjoy it. Your card is amazing. Please enter me in your wonderful giveaway contest. Thanks very much.....Cindi

Candi said...

Jo, I'm soooo glad you do blog! I learn so much from you and you're always so generous with your sharing of ideas.
Lots of HUGZ:)

Charlene said...

You've been nominated for the Make My Day award! What a talent you share!!

MargaretR said...

I just love the simplicity of that card Jo.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo

I really enjoy your blog. You are on my daily hit list. Also love your country. Spent 5 weeks there a few years back and fell in love with NZ.

Would enjoy receiving a postcard stitched by you.



Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I have admired your blog and your beautiful CP work for several months now and have you flagged as one of my FAVORITES to INSPIRE me. To 'win' this postcard would be a real treasure to me. I have a Flikr account and some photos of my 'rookie' CP work (TLC Stitcher)...Happy new year.
An Admirer from Canada,
Cheryl H

Rosi said...

I am happy that I found your blog in time to take part in your January giveaway. I love your stitching.

Anonymous said...

Fun blog!

I bloged your contest here:

(I'm trying to catch up on my contest roundups.. I'm behind back to Jan. 11th lol)