Some stitching

Black block mojo has returned. I keep thinking about my nanna who said it would be great to have all three of us exhibit together this year, and this year might be my only chance, so I will keep plugging away. This is block #12.
Below is another RR I am involved in with a very small group of international stitchers. I have put up all the "steps" so you can see how we are doing this one. Below is Emikos (Japan) block.
The first 'step' was done by Helina, and is basic seam treatments. (This is the same RR as Helina's landscape block I posted a while back)
The next 'step' was to further embellish the seams, but only with thread. Beads and buttons etc come later. This is an incredibly challenging way to do a RR, but alot of fun.

I have received several other nominations for the "make my Day" bloggers award. Thank you so much. Everyone who has nominated me are ladies whose blogs I read regularly, and you all make my day, so consider yourselves nominated right back!!
I am also enjoying the fact that the January giveaway is bringing so many lurkers out to comment. Don't be shy gals. I love to know who is reading my blog, what your interests are, where you are from ETC. Hopefully, as the year goes on, more of you will pop your heads out and make yourselves known.

I am away again until Wednesday. I will do the drawer then for the postcard. Check back, It might be your addy I need...


alisonmc said...

Woohoo for the black block! Your fans are so beautiful and now I have some in person (thanks BTW) not only do I have your tutorial I can also scrutinise them in person. Makes it all the easier to rip them off for my own work! Creativity is sharing right? :)

coral-seas said...

I took one look at these and thought beautiful, until I clicked on them for a close up. Then I am reminded just how stunning your stitching is.

The black block looks amazing.


Gerry said...

I Jo, just popping in to see what you're working on. The black is marvelous!!! The RR you're in sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck!

Marty52 said...

Man, I do love your black blocks. Truly wonderful!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Black block mojo indeed!
You make me want to try this...yours has so much impact. It really showcases your stitching, which is just so gorgeous.

Marci said...

I just printed a copy of your black blocks - for my inspiration book. Thanks so much for posting these pictures.
Your stitching is great!

Simone said...

Your blog and stitcheries are
beautiful. I like it so much!
I didn't try to embellish, but
now I'll start.
Greetings from germany

piney cq said...

Thank you SOOO very much for sharing your work and these blocks with us! The black blocks are such an incredible bit of work! They can't help but win!

Faye Dianne said...

Jo, I just love your "Black" blocks, would have never thought of using black fabrics... but they look great. Lovely work!!!
cheers - Faye