Teaser revealed...and slow cloth

The cpmpleted block from my previous post.

There is such an interesting debate going on in my little corner of the blogosphere - textile practioners. It came to my attention from Sharon B, and has spread. SLOW CLOTH is what it is all about, taking the time, and care to create something, with thought, with some individuality, and with a genuine interest for the process, as well as the result. Making something by hand, possibly with the use of machines to help along the way, but I liken it to putting it in the crockpot, rather than the microwave. The flavour is better, richer, it has colour and depth and most importantly, time. The result is worth the wait.

I consider myself a crafter. I feel pretentious calling myself an 'artist' , but in these times of "craft in the fast lane" (thanks Jerry) - buy the magazine, pop the precut bits out and glue it down, my chosen title has been devalued, and therefore my time, my effort, my skill and my passion are being devalued with it.
Funnily enough, I have been making the traditonal ornies for each family member, and I decided this year to add the backing with heat'n'bond. I HATE it!! I have stalled on them about 3 weeks ago, and next week is christmas!! Argh.... Thought I would save some time, but I am so unhappy with the way they look, which isn't to say they are bad at all, they would be snapped up by a department store, they just don't have that look about them, you know, handmade, handfinished, like they will last a lifetime. Lesson learnt....

Kay Susan over on S'mockery made a comment about changing her self imposed title of "craftsman" to "astisan", so what do I call myself now? Consumerism and commercialism has made my chosen title one I wish to bear no longer, calling myself an artist is still hard to spit out......I may just have to practice. " Hi my name is Jo, and I am a ________"


Gail said...

Lovely work Jo, and well said. BTW.....YOU are an ARTIST

Susan said...

Your block is beautiful. It's representative of the work you do on an ongoing basis. You do a lot of different things, well and artistically. You can easily call yourself an artist. =)

I just do one thing. I don't have to worry about a label. I just do what I do, and never think to call it one thing or another . . . except maybe quilter. I'm a quilter - all kinds. Think that just about covers me.

Lin Moon said...

This is such a beautiful block!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo, I visit your blog from time to time to admire your beautiful work. As for what to call yourself, well, to paraphrase Shakespeare: a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. So choose what you are comfortable with. Your work will validate it.
Karen B.

gocrazywithme said...

Hi Jo,
When I sent a CQ purse I'd made to a lady in Australia (in exchange for a book), I jokingly called myself an "internationally known fiber artist". Now I'm starting to feel like the title fits....well, the fiber artist part anyway. Seems to me like it fits you, too! Just keep trying it on for size, and before you know it, it'll feel comfortable to you!
Janet in Colorado (USA)

kay susan said...

Hi Jo - I know what you mean about calling yourself an 'artist'. It makes me feel uncomfortable too, somehow it feels pretentious. I know it shouldn't, because for people who work in fibre and fabric, very often the ART comes first, at the design stage, and then carries right through the whole process. I've just joined a co-operative. You don't have to have a qualification, just a love of what you do, it's a mixture of pro's, amateurs and hobbyists, but most of the 'trained' artists seem to have some kind of a 'message' and I don't. I just wonder if I can do it and give it a try. So, do I need a message to be an artist? Is that the difference between an artist and a crafter (in the REAL sense)- an artist has a message, a crafter gives and takes pleasure with their work?

Tami Schmidt said...

Just wanted to tell you, dont doubt yourself as an artist. I think you are one of the best!!!I guess its because i relate to your way of doing things so much. I havent been around in a while, as life got in the way. I also wanted to let you know i enjoyed the articles that you wrote for the Oct issue of CQMagonline. I hope you have great holidays!


meggie said...

Hi Jo, Just a thought.. we Kiwis hate being seen to be, or thought of as 'pretentious'. You are not pretentious, & you have a humility about your beautiful work, wich is too humble for the high quality.
Be Proud of your skills, & call yourself what you will.
To me, you are an absolute ARTIST, & deserve the title.
Your work is just beautiful.
I say that as a recipient of your beautiful work, which I treasure & look at, & rejoice in, every day!

Thank you Jo, for bringing joy & beauty to my days!

Opra said...

I think that it's not an easy matter to create such beauty as you do. It requires patience and assiduity. I won't be able to do it:-(((

dd said...

I think you might like to read something that I found ages ago. I think that you are definitely an artist.


"He who works with his hands is a laborer.
He who works with his hands, and his head is a craftsman.
He who works with his hands, and his head, and his heart, is an artist."
St. Francis of Assisi