Mail day

This is what I did today. I went to the post office. My local is back, yay!!! in a temporary shop, and just mailing services, no banking, but that's all I need.
Going out here is 3 RRs, 5 swap packages, and 2 'gift' blocks.
Sorry, I know it's boring, but it's all I have for you.....I've lost my black block mojo, no RR blocks to do at present. Working on xmas ornies, and I thought I might do a few chrissy giveaways, so have your commenting finger poised to type sometime in the near-ish future


Susan said...

I know you are happy to get to the post office again! Just think how much is out of your house now! Paul always likes that, too, even to the point of taking all my stuff for me. =)

belle said...

Ok Jo, I'm poised and waiting, bring it on :)

Charlene said...

Not boring - a part of the process. At least you give us something!