Summer Breeze DYB - Melissa's block

Here is another RR block complete. This is for Melissa over at Honey Bees Bliss.
I added, well all of it, cos it's a DYB (embellish the whole block), but I added some vintage tatting, and Honey Bee Charm, lots of vines and greenery, beading, and SRE. I feel inadequate adding SRE to Melissa's blocks, as you will know if you visit her, but we each have our own strengths, and it is still nice to see how others do things

...and here is yet another postcard finished... I don't know why but I am procastinating with starting a project that is for ME! Probably because I rarely finish things. From my cross stitch days. I have alot of finished projects, all big ones, and they sit in a drawer waiting to be framed. Maybe if I approach my bed quilt block by block, and if I don't finish it then I can use the blocks for bags or something. A change of mind is whats needed.


Melissa said...

Jo I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I don't see how you could feel inadequate at all since your SRE is so stunning! I have to say I felt nervous working on yours since you do such awesome work! I guess that's just how it is huh? LOL
Thank you for my lovely block! I am SO framing it!

Susan said...

I see nothing wrong with your SRE and think you did a splendid job. I love your postcard series, too.

You will finish the quilt for yourself. It won't need to be made into bags. =) You really *are* a finisher, not a quitter.

Candi said...

Your SRE is absolutely beautiful!!! Melissa is going to love it when she gets i:) Love the post card too.

Ati. Norway. said...

Absolutely beautiful, the block for Melissa!! Love you postcards too:)

Gail said...

Jo, the work you have done for Melissa is fantastic...girl you have nothing to worry about, your work is wonderful.

Simona Tedeschi said...

Thank you Jo for your comment! I hope DeAnn agree with you!
My photos are always in a large look and the stitches aren't clear as yours what you use?

Gerry said...

Your SRE is beautiful. You do fabulous needlework. I really like the beaded rose. How clever!

MargaretR said...

You have done some fantastic work on the CQ, but I also love the simlicity of your PC.