Blog Flog

It gives me great pleaure to be able to flog this blog. Sharon B has moved! In a minute ago can now be found over on wordpress. She is still updating the new site, and there are still things to be found over at her old site, but do keep checking back, as more changes will be made in the future. So, all go and change your blog reader feeds, change your sidebar links, and spread the word around your blogs and groups.

I have finished another postcard, stitching anyways, still have the "finishing" to do.
I also received this little lovely today. My first Comfort Doll Project Donation. When Pat asked me to co-ordinate the southern hemisphere, I thought, yep, no worries. I actually wasn't prepared for the emotion that would come with it...and this is only my first doll! Linda made a lovely doll, and has sent a card with a beautiful note . Thank you Linda.
I have 4 dolls so far, with 5 more promised that I am aware of . Almost at our 1st dozen.


sharonb said...

Thanks heaps for spreading the word about my blog move I appreciate it

and ... I wanted to say great fabric card!

Gerry said...

Thanks for the link. Your postcard is looking GOOD! I bet it won't be long before you have dolls pouring in, too.

Pat Winter said...

Jo, I will be sending one soon...hang in there! Thanks so much for collecting and donating over there. It is awesome when the dolls arrive isn't it? You open each package knowing it was made by a special heart,then you see it, stare at it in amazement,soak in the beauty and know the time it took to plan and stitch with each added bead or bauble.
Your eyes water,your heart tightens and then sings. Imagine what it will be like for the recipient. Our CP donors are awesome aren't they?
True Bliss!

alisonmc said...

eeek! I'd better get cracking and finish up my doll. I'm a bit stuck though - stitcher's block!

Susan said...

What a beautiful doll! I love the string of pearls addition - like a mermaid of a different sort.