Lily's block

For those of you who have been reading for a while, you may remember Lily's block. Lily runs a website here in NZ - FabricArts ( in the sidebar under stash enablers). A while ago I offered to make a block for her, using her ribbons, laces and trims, and she would use a picture of the finished result on her site to show another way her goodies can be utilised. Lily, I haven't forgotten the block, and I think it migh be almost done. Lily and I had thought that we would try to sell/auction/donate the block to some kind of cause for fundraising.
So here is the block. I have decided that the blocks actually sits this way. The fan was in the bottom right corner when I made the block, but I prefer it this way now.

I felt that the woven rose in the top left needed some white to lift the corner and balance it. I added the tendrils, but I see now that it is not enough. I will work on that.
I used some of the 12mm Spark Organza ribbon for these really big fargo roses. I love the colour, and I love that it tones down that turquiose patch.
Here is the fan, all finished bar a few more beads. I LOVE the lace around the fan edge. Purrrfect for curves.
Here is a close up on the embellished motif. I did a melanie rose for this. All Lily's ribbons are the Hannah silk. They are bias cut and fray a little as you uses them. Gives the flower a soft look.
I must admit that embellishing this block does not come easy. Two reasons, the colours...lots of colour, and the white of the lace, but I wanted to show the laces really well. I have actually found the colour quite liberating in a way, as I don't think to hard about the colour of embellishment. I put some thing on the block, and if it doesn't SCREAM NO, then I use it.
Now, a question for you. Should this be a cushion, or a wallhanging. I am thinking of entering it in next years Franklin Arts exhibition. They take anything as long as you pay the fee and it's for sale, which is great. The fee is minimal, and I can sell it with a label to raise funds for......for what??

Below I share with you my pitiful attempt at tatting. It is actually not that bad. Thanks to an online buddy, I can now to chains to attach the rings. In this one I was going great, until I attached the picot to the wrong ring. I won't make that same mistake again! lol I am determined to make this medallion. I have finally grasped the basics now, so I am confident that if I turn up on the day, they'll be a result ( typical rugby speak).


Melissa said...

Looks like the block is turning out great! Hey I didn't know you dabbled in tatting! Is that needle or shuttle tatting? I had myself a good laugh when you commented that you wouldn't make that mistake again...I can SO relate! LOL

Micki said...

The block is really lovely. I love the fargo roses, but everything is beautiful.

Sue in western WA said...

You don't say how big the block is... I'm thinking a cushion, maybe with a flounce of lace surrounding the perimeter.

I especially like the blue spirit doll you show in your next post. I'm going to have to try some of those beading ideas myself!

Susan said...

I love what you did with all the laces. Those little bow laces pieces turned out super on the fan. I will have to remember that. You've done a beautiful job of using her things. Your ideas for embellishing laces are inspiring!

Gerry said...

Jo, your work is exceptional. The lace choices are perfect. The angles and curves add so much interest to the block. And the fargo roses are absolutely beautiful.