beach photos

My friend Judy (Michigan) asked if I had any photos of my time at the bach (cottage). Well, here you go Judy... You remember the photo of our zoo trip last week, well, the weather wasn't much better, worse in fact. This tree lost a branch. If the whole tree fell (which is quite likely) it would probably hit the bach roof. We are about 100 from this tree. Along the other end of the beach , one tree was taken right down, and just a little further down from us another branch went thru a roof.
This is the beach on a 'quiet' day during that week. On the day we arrived the waves were coming up onto the road. The photo is taken from the car. When tide is out, you can walk out to the island. We did get one fine day, which the kids made the most of. I like to comb the beach for ambergris after storms like this, but no luck yet. This stuff is basically whale snot, and it is worth a small fortune. Go figure, Wonder if there is a market for kid snot?


Dy said...

Looks like your holiday has been quite an adventure! Hope you've enjoyed your change of scenery and I never knew that's what ambergris was - luvly!

michigan said...

Hello Jo, Very sad that the weather did not cooperate for your holiday but I do like the pics of the angry sea. I reckon the storms get pretty fierce down under in NZ...I enjoy watching our huge Lake Michigan when a storm is going on. I also very much love the sounds of crashing waves. Hugs Judy

Susan said...

I just noticed your new profile pic - interesting!

Is that tree on your property? Maybe cut it down to avoid damage? These look like stormy beach days.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos! I had to look at your profile to see the photos weren't from the coast of Oregon! Very similar and both just beautiful.
Now.. if "kid snot" could just be called pediatric ambergris ;-) maybe there'd be a market eh?
By the way, LOVE your blog! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful artwork!
Lakewood, OH USA