the Cross - more progress

Here are just a few detail shots from the Cross project. 4 weeks and counting. It may not be done, but I am not to worried about that. It will be done when it is done. Good things take time. I am expecting the next lot of round robin blocks to arrive any day now, so they will require some attention in order to meet deadlines.
Below is the central SRE motif. I think I will add some beads to this as well. I do like looking at things on the screen, gives you a good perspective.
Here is the spiderweb, for luck. Because they are for luck I am going to add a wee web for each member of the family, 5 in all. The rest will just be little gap fillers. The feathery motif is only half done.
And here is a lovely flower, that I am sure looks like something, but I don't know what! Lots, and lots, and lots of little french knots, done in Pat Winter's beautiful ribbons. The flower is actually more pink, than the purple that it looks here. I am liking the leaves. Satin stitch, with a stem stich outline and spine.

And finally some postcards, YES postcards! I don't think I am hopping on the postcard bus(but one never can tell, I do like the format). These are for a swap we are doing over on CQI. The northern hemisphere ladies like little projects to stitch on while enjoying their summer months, so we are doing postcard and ATC swaps.


alisonmc said...

So sweet! The flower looks like a lovely hydrangea, beautiful. Did you do the leaves in stem and satin or one of those fancy stitches I suck at? Your spider is cute too - never thought I'd say that about a spider. Another CQ triumph!

Dy said...

I was thinking the same thing, your lovely flower reminds me of a hydrangea. I love the variations in colour in it.

Oh, and thanks for the tip about Helle.... I'm roaming her website right now! :-)

Anita said...

The rose on the central motif looks wonderful!

Best wishes from Germany,

Gerry said...

Jo, you are doing such lovely work with this gift. Each new posting is a true treat for the eyes!

meggie said...

The work on that cross is exsquisite! I think that pretty flower looks a little like a Hydrangea? The lovely soft blue pink colours.

Ribbonwiz said...

Lovely work on your cross Jo.
Yep! the pretty flower looks a like a Hydrangea to me too..

Susan said...

What beautiful work. This is going to be the prettiest piece yet. I love the feather stitching you did on that piece of lace. I would *never* have thought of that!

The postcards are great. I like the colors.

MargaretR said...

This is wonderful Jo. How I wish I had time to do everything! I haven't visited your blog for a little while, but can see you are still very busy.