workspace meme and 'The Cross' progress

Here is the work on the 'Cross'. I have been working on RRs, so not alot done. I have changed a couple of trims, and worked a little more on the 'friendship' section. Only 5 weeks to moving day, so I need to get working.

I was tagged at the beginning of the week ( by whom I cannot remember-sorry) to show our workspaces. Mine are very meager, and messy, but I couldn't be fagged cleaning my 'studio' just for a pic. It is my room and and can keep it as I wish (as in it is not family property and they don't get an opinion on it!) I would not normally show pics like this, but I don't actualy have alot of stash, and I think it is good for others who have limited incomes, to realise that it is all in how you use it, not what you've got.

This is my chair and the plastic drawers, and basket, hold all my beads, threads, ribbons, charms etc, everything I use while embellishing a block. That's it. HONESTLY!
This is the said messy workroom. The baskets at the back have basically crap my SIL gave me, but I can't chuck it in case she visits. There are a few trims and my dyes live in there too. The bottom basket has sewing machine stuff. The old iron is corker. I NEVER iron clothes, so it is very pleased of this hobby of mine, and the fact that I use fuseable interfacing as block foundations, so it gets a regular workout.
And this is the shelf that holds everything else I own. Fabrics mostly . Baggies I have been sent, and laces and trims (from Lily's block) There is also a couple of containers of buttons. So that's my stash. It isn't large, but it does me just fine. The only thing I would probably like more of is beads, different shapes, sizes and colours.


Melissa said...

Love how the cross is coming along Jo! And my stash is small too and my workspace is usually messy I only clean it when we are going to have company over since I work in my breakfast nook area! LOL

alisonmc said...

That's a fine stash and seriously well organised compared to mine!!

Charlene said...

Friendship just oozes from the cross - very pretty! Nothing to be ashamed of in your workspace - at least it's all together. Right now mine is spread between my craft room and the living room -- having everything at hand makes a big mess!!

meggie said...

Your stash & workspace looks fine to me! More organised than mine!
I seem to be on strike at present...haha. But never mind, it will come back, & I will be off again. Going to a Doll Bear & Quilt show today, so should be inspired.
The cross is looking very nice!
Every time my daughter, who is Jo too, comes to visit, she has a pat of your beautiful heart!

Sandie said...

Your cross is beautiful Jo. Your work-room looks a lot more organised than mine as well .... great spot and your stash looks great!

Susan said...

The cross is looking beautiful. I love your embellishing choices. Your worksapce looks neat to me. You have a lot more willpower than I do!

Could you throw away one or two things a week until it's all gone? =)